Dr. Patrick Moore

Patrick S. Moore, MD, MPH

American Cancer Society Research ProfessorProfessor, Department of Microbiology and Medical Genetics

Office Phone: 412-623-7721

Email: psm9@pitt.edu

Lab Address:
Hillman Cancer Research Pavilion
5117 Centre Ave.
Suite 1.8
Pittsburgh, PA 15213




2002-2018 Director, Cancer Virology Program, UPCI Professor, Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
1998-2002 Professor of Public Health Division of Epidemiology
Columbia University, New York, NY
1995-1998 Associate Professor of Public Health Division of Epidemiology Columbia University, New York, NY
1994-1995 Assistant Professor of Public Health Division of Epidemiology Columbia University, New York, NY


1993-1994 Deputy Commissioner
New York City Department of Health, New York, NY
1991-1993 Chief, Epidemiology Section:
Arboviral Diseases Branch, Centers for Disease Control,
Fort Collins, CO
1989-1991 MPH; University of California, Berkley
AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) Scholar
1987-1989 Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer,
Meningitis and Special Pathogens Branch,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
1986-1986 Research Physician: Onchocerciasis Research Project
LAC, Liberia (Case Western Reserve University)
1985-1985 Medical Officer: Bawku Presbyterian Hospital, Ghana



2017 NIH Director’s George M. Khoury Lecture
Clarivate Analytics Citation Laureate
Paul Ehrlich-Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize, Paul Ehrlich Foundation
The Passano Award, The Passano Foundation
PNC Elsie Hillman Distinguished Scholar Award
2016  NIH NCI Outstanding Investigator Award
2014 Association of American Physicians, Elected Member
2013 Pittsburgh Foundation Endowed Chair in Innovative Cancer Research
John Snow Bicentennial Symposium, LSTM&H, United Kingdom
Woodward Visiting Professorship Lecture, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY, NY
2012 National Academy of Sciences, Elected Member
Distinguished Professorship, University of Pittsburgh
Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award, University of Pittsburgh
Heinrich Pette Prize Lecture, Heinrich Pette Institute, Hamburg Germany
Biennial Marjory Stephenson Prize, Society for General Microbiology, United Kingdom
2011 American Academy of Microbiology, Elected Fellow
2010 Norman P. Salzman Memorial Lecture in Virology, NIH
2009 Carnegie Life Sciences Award
2008 American Cancer Society Research Professorship
2007 ISI Science Citation Index. Highly Cited Investigator – Microbiology
2003 Charles S. Mott Cancer Award ,General Motors Cancer Research Foundation
2002 American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), Elected Member
2002 Distinguished Alumnus Award, Westminster College
1998 Robert Koch Prize
1997 Meyenburg Prize, German Cancer Research Center
1989 Langmuir Prize, Centers for Disease Control, USA
1987-1992 Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control:
PHS Unit Commendation Medal (x2)
PHS Achievement Medal (x2)
PHS Hazardous Duty Award



Patrick S. Moore, MD, MPH is an American Cancer Society (ACS) and Distinguished Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Pittsburgh. He is the former Cancer Virology Program Leader for the University of Pittsburgh Hillman Cancer Center and holds the Pittsburgh Foundation Chair in Innovative Cancer Research. Dr. Moore is recognized for his role, together with his wife Dr. Yuan Chang, in discovering and characterizing Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus (KSHV or HHV8) and Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCV), the two most recently recognized human tumor viruses. Their laboratory maintains an active focus on basic and translational research in tumor virology. Dr. Moore received the Clarivate Laureate, Paul Ehlich Prize, the Passano Award, the Mott Award, the Robert Koch Prize, the Meyenburg Cancer Research Prize, CDC-Langmuir Award, as well as other awards, is an elected member of the US National Academy of Science and other professional honor societies.  He graduated from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT and received medical and graduate degrees from the University of Utah, Stanford University and University California, Berkeley and trained at the Centers for Disease Control as an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer. In addition to his work on tumor viruses, he has previously worked on meningococcal meningitis epidemics and on refugee health issues.


Visit Dr. Moore’s Google Scholar Profile for publications.