We are working hard to make new discoveries about Merkel Cell Polyomavirus. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with MCC, check out our page for patients and friends for resources and information.





KSHV LANA generates novel cytoplasmic proteins through non canonical translation initiation J Virol. 2012 Dec 19


Dr. Reety Arora defends her PhD thesis and publishes a killer paper in Science Translational Medicine. Congratulations, Reety! Badhai ho!


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Podcast Seminar on Tumor Viruses

"Viruses and Human Cancer: Merkel Cell Polyomavirus and Merkel Cell Carcinoma"
ASCCP Biennial Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 27, 2010
Speaker: Patrick S. Moore, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Initial description of MCV including its role in human cancer, early work on MCV culture and development of a serologic test.

Podcast Seminar